Our Clients

Over the years OpenJAUS has worked with a number of companies and universities to meet their JAUS needs. Some of our clients and their projects are highlighted in the list below.

Cavotec USA and Oceaneering

OpenJAUS is providing software and sensor expertise to Cavotec and Oceaneering to improve the capabilities of the Cavotec MoorMaster product. OpenJAUS was tasked with designing and developing a suite of sensors and technologies to measure relative ship motion to improve system performance. OpenJAUS brought its expertise in real-time sensor fusion and analysis to the project to provide feedback to the control element of the system. OpenJAUS is also providing Software Engineering expertise in developing requirements, software design and implementation for the completed system.

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Harris Robotic Systems

IOPv0 JAUS Integration for RedHawk
OpenJAUS developed JAUS software to add a JAUS capability to Harris’ RedHawk platform and manipulator. Adding a JAUS interface based on the IOPv0 standards, OpenJAUS met program and performance objectives for high-speed haptic feedback and control of the RedHawk manipulator and integration with the RedHawk mobility system.

Highly Dexterous Manipulator Haptic Interface (HDMHI)
OpenJAUS developed a software API and library interface to Harris’ HDMHI hardware for its customers. Using a proprietary UDP message stream at 250 Hz, the HDHMI Library provides real-time access to the position of Harris’ RedHawk Haptic Controller.

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OpenJAUS has provided training and expertise to SAIC on JAUS and the AEODRS architecture. In order to accelerate SAIC’s familarity with both JAUS and the AEODRS architecture, OpenJAUS provided on-site training to SAIC’s program managers and engineers on the details of the AEODRS architecture and using the AEODRS test bed.

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MacroUSA has chosen the OpenJAUS SDK as it’s middleware of choice for JAUS based projects. OpenJAUS worked with Northrup Grumman and MacroUSA on implementing the AEODRS Mobility Capability Module (CM-MOB). OpenJAUS has also assisted MacroUSA with JAUS components for the Engineering Squad Robot (ESR) based on the IOPv0 architecture.

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Otonom Teknoloji

Otonom Teknoloji has chosen the OpenJAUS SDK as it’s middleware of choice for JAUS based projects. Otonom Teknoloji is using the OpenJAUS SDK and OpenJAUS Service Studio to provide a JAUS interface in their MiniSteer System on Chip product for generic control of unmanned systems.

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Free License Users

OpenJAUS feels the use of JAUS in educational research and development is a significant driver for the standard and the future health of the robotics market. Therefore, we offer a free license to the OpenJAUS SDK for educational and non-profit organizations around the world. Does your university research lab or AUVSI Robotics Competition team need a free JAUS implementation? Click here to submit your request.

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