This file is part of the OpenJAUS HTML JAUS Reference.
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OpenJAUS HTML JAUS Reference

These files provide details of the services and messages implemented in the OpenJAUS 4.x Software Development Kit. OpenJAUS' SDK provides a complete JAUS solution for software developers. Using a Model-Driven-Development approach, OpenJAUS provides a reliable, scalable solution to modeling, developing and maintaining the JAUS Standard. The JAUS Standards are published by the AS-4 Unmanned Systems Committee of SAE International and can be obtained here. The documentation here-in is developed from OpenJAUS Model files which use a simplified and streamlined representation of the general JAUS Service Interface Definition Language (JSIDL).
The Following Service Sets are currently available in the OpenJAUS SDK:

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The information above is generated from the JAUS Services modelled in the OpenJAUS SDK using OpenJAUS Service Studio. It is provided as a resource to assist JAUS developers and is not a substitute for the JAUS Standards Documents which may be obtained from the SAE International.