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Version: 1.1
ID: urn:jaus:jss:iop:ExtendedPrimitivePanTilt
Inherits From:
extended byurn:jaus:jss:manipulator:ManipulatorJointPositionListDriver v2.0

The Extended Primitive Pan Tilt Service provides a mechanism for reporting additional per-joint status information not supported by the existing SAE JAUS services. In addition, a query/report pair is added to allow for the specification of a pan/tilt unit mounted on another manipulator. The base is therefore defined as the coordinate frame for the specific joint on the host manipulator given by a JAUS ID. Note that when mounted on a host manipulator, the ReportPanTiltSpecificationsRec as reported by the Report Pan Tilt Specifications messages shall be interpreted as the coordinate transformation from the joint number on the host manipulator, rather than from the vehicle coordinate frame.

Internal Event Set

Message Set
Message ID Name
F298h QueryPanTiltOperationalParameters
F299h ReportPanTiltOperationalParameters

State Machine Diagram

ExtendedPrimitivePanTilt State Machine Diagram
State Transitions
Label Transition Trigger Conditional Actions
A ExtendedPrimitivePanTiltDefaultLoop QueryPanTiltOperationalParameters sendReportPanTiltOperationalParameters
QueryHostManipulator sendReportHostManipulator

Action Name Type Description
sendReportHostManipulator Send Action Send a Report Host Manipulator message
Output Message: ReportManipulatorHost
sendReportPanTiltOperationalParameters Send Action Send a Report Joint Operational Parameters message
Output Message: ReportPanTiltOperationalParameters

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