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Version: 1.0
ID: urn:jaus:jss:HMI:Keyboard
Inherits From:
extended byurn:jaus:jss:core:Events v1.1
extended byurn:jaus:jss:core:Transport v1.0

An operator interface that has a keyboard device attached may implement the Keyboard Service to return key strokes to the remote asset. The remote asset may create an Event for the operator interface to send Report Keyboard Action messages. It is highly recommended that this Event should be upon a change and not periodic frequency.

Internal Event Set

Message Set
Message ID Name
2705h QueryKeyboardAction
4705h ReportKeyboardAction

State Machine Diagram

Keyboard State Machine Diagram
State Transitions
Label Transition Trigger Conditional Actions
A KeyboardDefaultLoop QueryKeyboardAction keyboardExists sendReportKeyboardAction

Action Name Type Description
sendReportKeyboardAction Send Action send a report keyboard action message
Output Message: ReportKeyboardAction

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