JAUS Command Codes

Below is a list of known JAUS command codes (Message IDs) in-use.

  • Published command codes are listed in white.
  • Command code currently part of a draft / proposed standard are in purple.
  • Command codes part of widely-used experimental services (such as the AEODRS or IOP programs) are in yellow.

If you have a comment, want to add a known command code or other suggestion, please submit your comments using the form below.

Want to Learn More about JAUS?

The OpenJAUS implementation is intended to reduce the burden on unmanned systems developers in regards to having a complete and thorough understanding of the JAUS architecture. Hopefully you will find that a basic understanding of JAUS and a healthy knowledge about the workings and use of OpenJAUS is enough for you to implement your own JAUS-based systems. However, if you require a more in-depth knowledge about JAUS here are some ways you can learn more.

Your first source of information should be to read, and discuss JAUS on our forums. OpenJAUS’ JAUS Experts actively answer questions and respond to comments about both OpenJAUS and the JAUS standards in the forums.

For more in-depth and personalized help, OpenJAUS LLC offers training and consulting on a case-by-case basis. From full JAUS implementations to on-site training, OpenJAUS specializes in putting JAUS experts to work on our customer’s problems. Leveraging over 20 years of JAUS experience, OpenJAUS LLC can help you solve your JAUS problems today and in the future.

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