OpenJAUS SDK v4.2 Change Log

Release Date: December 2014

  • Feature: Added version number to SDK. Added OPENJAUS_SDK_VERSION and OPENJAUS_SDK_RELEASE_DATE defines. Use openjaus::system::version() function to get version number string.
  • Feature: Added static method to Service Interface classes to access the URI.
  • Feature: Added static methods to Scaled Integer classes for min and max value and scale factor.
  • Feature: Shared implementation of Service Functionality. Implementation of service behavior is now segmented by service. Allows better composition of parent services.
  • Feature: Management of System Tree using Liveness Service Component health is monitored using the Report Heartbeat Pulse message automatically. If a component goes away it will be automatically removed from the System Tree. This option is enabled using the “LivenessTimeout_seconds” setting in the config file.
  • Feature: Shutdown Message Added a new experimental message sent to other components on shutdown. This allows for proper maintenance of System Tree when components are shutdown / restarted.
  • Feature: Event Subscription Feedback Event subscription functions (subscribePeriodic and subscribeOnChange) now take an options callback function which will be called when Event subscription response is received. This enables application-space notification of Event response (Successful / Unsuccessful). See processEventRequestResponse function in GposClientDemo.cpp for example.
  • Feature: Serial Port Support Support for reading & writing to Serial Ports (COM devices) has been added to the openjaus/system package. This is supported on both Windows and Linux OSes.
  • Feature: Set Enumeration value at construction. Added constructor for Enumeration Classes that takes a initial value.
  • Bug Fix: Added ifndef protection to OPENJAUS_EXPORT.
  • Bug Fix: Fix for possible SEGFAULT in Thread class on RH Linux.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed small memory leak in disableDiscovery and disableConfiguration.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed issue with VelocityStateSensor and AccelerationStateSensor inheriting from Events instead of Base component.
  • Bug Fix: Better performance in background mode. Added isBackground() check which ensures that applications sleep properly when run in background mode.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed issue with packing / unpacking Elements using the List Driver services.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed bug with receiving Large Messages via JTCP in Linux.
  • Bug Fix: Internal events shared 16-bit ID space with JAUS messages and could result in a collision. These have been modified to use the upper 16-bits in a 32-bit integer instead.
  • Examples: Added PD Demo Code. Updated GPOS Demo code.