OpenJAUS SDK v4.3.1 Change Log

Release Date: October 2016

SDK Version 4.3.x designated LTS for Navy AEODRS Increment 1 Program

Change Log:

  • Feature: New LUA files for Premake to improve code & function re-use across all OpenJAUS libraries
  • Feature: Addition of openjaus OS agnostic headers (Endian.h, StdLib.h, String.h, Math.h) which hide #define checks for the OS for easier use / readability of code.
  • Feature: Improved AEODRS Discovery behavior. Added config file settings: QueryIdentificationBroadcastDuration, QueryIdentificationBroadcastInterval_sec, VerifyRegisterServicesInterval_sec
  • Feature: Added support for a continuous QueryIdentification broadcast mode.
  • Feature: Interface-Specific binding of Node and Subsystem Interfaces. Multiple Interface support (i.e. multiple node interfaces) within a single application
  • Bug Fix: Fixed registration of GPOS and VSS services in service composition example
  • Bug Fix: Manually define missing little-endian functions for support with older versions of GCC
  • Bug Fix: Incorrect PV size in RangeSensor messages
  • Bug Fix: Changed name of LOG_DEBUG macro to LOG_OJ_DEBUG to eliminate namespace collision within syslog.h (Linux)
  • Bug Fix: Fix for modeling error in StabilizerDriver (UGV Service Set)
  • Bug Fix: Updating core model to add EventsBase class which pushes the addition of the “base services” down to the Events level vs the AccessControl level
  • Bug Fix: DiscoveryClient timers not stopped when service is stopped
  • Bug Fix: Changing code for finding NodeInfo/ComponentInfo out of a std::map to be compliant with QNX, MSVS, and gcc compilers