OpenJAUS SDK v4.3 Change Log

Release Date: August 2015

  • Feature: Added AS6091 UGV Service Set
  • Feature: Added new Units as specified in AS5684B
  • Feature: Added Endian Compensation for compatibility on both Big-Endian and Little-Endian hosts.
  • Feature: Adding large message “burst send” mode and other code optimizations for improving the handling of large messages.
    Configuration value added: LargeMessageBurstLength
  • Feature: Current State Name Strings
    Calling getQualifedName() on the current state will return a string representation of the precise current state of a component.
    Example: baseCmpt.getCurrentState()->getQualifiedName() returns “Transport.ReceivingState:AccessControl.NotControlled”
  • Feature: JAUS Ack/Nak bits are now supported by default in the SDK.
    Configuration value added: AckNakTimeout
    Added support for a callback that will execute when AckNak Events occur (ACK received, NAK received, message resend, message resend max).
  • Feature: Added getCurrentStatus() and getCurrentStatusToString() to Management to easily get current Status (INIT, STANDBY, etc).
  • Feature: Support for compiling using Visual Studio 2015
  • Feature: Added check for firewall in Windows. Application displays warning if the firewall is enabled as the Windows firewall has been shown to cause issues with JAUS traffic in the past.
  • Feature: Added config file option “SupressExceptionsFile” which controls the generation and output of the exception.out file at runtime. Default value is false (previous behavior).
  • Feature: Updated system::StreamSocket to allow non-blocking calls to ConnectTo
  • Feature: Added bool& parameter to all getComponent/Node/Subsystem methods in the SystemTree class which will success / failure.
  • Feature: Added better ResponseCode and ErrorString to the EventRequestResponse class for better feedback in EventCallback functions.
  • Feature: Added implementation for (deprecated) SetAuthority message
    Configuration value added: EnableSetAuthority [Default: false]
  • Feature: Configuration file is now tracked and only changed on disk when new configuration parameters are needed because of change in a configuration value. This reduces risk of the file being corrupted at runtime.
  • Feature: Added #define for PV_ALL_OFF for all relevant Presence Vectors
  • Deprecated: Removed access to name variable in Component inherited classes to prevent setting Component name directly.
    Component constructors now take a string for their name at construction, rather than calling setName(). Old constructors and setName() have been marked deprecated.
  • Examples: Added Velocity State Driver example applications (server & client)
  • Examples: Added Local Pose Sensor example applications (server & client)
  • Examples: Added Velocity State Sensor example applications (server & client)
  • Bug Fix: Added missing CONTROL_RESPONSE_METHOD macro.
  • Bug Fix: Updated transport interfaces to check that messages are intended for this interface/component before they are passed up to the application layer.
  • Bug Fix: Removed sendRejectControlReleased exit action which caused a RejectControl message to be redundantly sent.
  • Bug Fix: AccessControl will now send RejectControl(CONTROL_RELEASED) when RequestControl is received with isDefaultAuthorityGreater && isControllingClient.
  • Bug Fix: Added code to check for and reject PERIODIC_EVENTS if the requested rate is greater than the published maxRate value.
    Note: This is a change from the previous behavior where the event would be successfully created at the lower (maxRate) value.
  • OJSS: Added feature to allow manual overriding of PV size in Records and Triggers. (PvOverride property)
  • OJSS: Updated model to allow variants with zero elements (per JSIDL standard).