OpenJAUS Software Development Kit (SDK)

ojbox The OpenJAUS Software Development Kit (SDK) is a C++ based middleware toolkit based on the latest JAUS standards. You can use the OpenJAUS middleware on your unmanned systems. It gives you the ability to standardize your software in order to make it interoperable with other SAE JAUS based systems.

OpenJAUS is designed for software developers that want to use JAUS without needing to know the low-level details of the standard itself. With OpenJAUS, you have direct access to the C++ library source code, so you can see and control what is running on your system.



  • A clear and simple C++ API
  • A completely open codebase. You can see all of the code and modify it to your needs.
  • Compliance with the published JAUS standards
  • JAUS Core, Mobility, Environment Sensing, and Manipulator services and message sets
  • Customizable composition of JAUS services
  • Simplified state machine architecture
  • JAUS TCP and UDP message transport implementations
  • Runs natively in Windows and Linux
  • Dynamic configuration and discovery of JAUS components
  • Event service message engine

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We are committed to providing our customers with the critical information they need to develop high quality software. As such we are consistently generating more documentation for OpenJAUS. Start learning about the OpenJAUS SDK by reading below:


The OpenJAUS SDK is supported under a two different license types. For academic research or personal use a free license is available, and must be applied for online with our Free License Request Form. For commercial, government, or customer funded academic projects, users must purchase one or more commercial developers’ licenses. You must purchase a separate license for each person developing software with the SDK. You can read an example OpenJAUS commercial license agreement here. With both the free and commercial license you have access to read or modify all of the OpenJAUS source code.The commercial license enables development of systems with OpenJAUS that may be sold, distributed, or demonstrated to paying customers. Additionally, modifications or customization to the OpenJAUS code under this license may be owned and kept proprietary by the licensee organization. The purchased license also includes direct support.

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When you purchase a commercial developers’ license, you automatically get SDK support for 1 year. Support for the SDK includes:

  • Access to the latest SDK codebase (via a dedicated client portal) with all improvements and upgrades that are continually made available to you for no additional charge.
  • Up to 16 hours of direct technical support for each developer’s license. This will be made available through email or phone. Additional support can be purchased if necessary.
  • User’s guide and API documentation is available online and is free to the public.
  • You may renew your support annually at a reduced cost. This allows you to continually upgrade your OpenJAUS code to our latest versions.

Change Logs

Date Version
2016.10 4.3.1 OpenJAUS SDK v4.3.1 Change Log
2015.08 4.3 OpenJAUS SDK v4.3 Change Log
2014.12 4.2 OpenJAUS SDK v4.2 Change Log
2014.01 4.1 OpenJAUS SDK v4.1 Change Log


OpenJAUS is dedicated to providing our customers with the most cost-effective JAUS solutions available. Built on of over 2 decades of JAUS experience and countless programs, the OpenJAUS SDK consists of over 100K lines of well designed C++ code. Contact us today to get the latest pricing information for your organization and see how OpenJAUS can help you!

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