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Version: 1.1
ID: urn:jaus:jss:iop:PlatformState
Inherits From:
extended byurn:jaus:jss:core:AccessControl v1.1
extended byurn:jaus:jss:core:Events v1.1
extended byurn:jaus:jss:core:Transport v1.0

The Platform State Service manages the state of a platform by issuing commands to and monitoring the JSS Core Management service residing on all component on-board the platform. It is expected that there is no more than one Platform State Service per platform.

Internal Event Set
ID Name
8D18h EmergencyEvent
8D19h InitializationCompleteEvent
8D1Ah InternalFailureEvent
8D1Bh RecoverEmergencyEvent
8D1Ch RenderUselessEvent
8D1Dh ResetEvent
8D1Eh ShutdownEvent

Message Set
Message ID Name
FF27h ConfirmPlatformStateRequest
FF26h QueryPlatformState
FF28h ReportPlatformState
FF25h SetPlatformState

State Machine Diagram

PlatformState State Machine Diagram
State Transitions
Label Transition Trigger Conditional Actions
A EmergencyToInitialize ResetEvent sendConfirmPlatformStateRequestTransitioning , transitionPlatformState
B EmergencyToOperational RecoverEmergencyEvent sendConfirmPlatformStateRequestTransitioning , transitionPlatformState
C EmergencyToRenderUseless RenderUselessEvent sendConfirmPlatformStateRequestTransitioning , transitionPlatformState
D EmergencyToShutdown ShutdownEvent sendConfirmPlatformStateRequestTransitioning , transitionPlatformState
E EmergencyToSystemAbort InternalFailureEvent transitionPlatformState
F InitializeToSystemAbort InternalFailureEvent transitionPlatformState
H OperationalToEmergency EmergencyEvent sendConfirmPlatformStateRequestTransitioning , transitionPlatformState
I OperationalToInitialize ResetEvent sendConfirmPlatformStateRequestTransitioning , transitionPlatformState
J OperationalToRenderUseless RenderUselessEvent sendConfirmPlatformStateRequestTransitioning , transitionPlatformState
K OperationalToShutdown ShutdownEvent sendConfirmPlatformStateRequestTransitioning , transitionPlatformState
L OperationalToSystemAbort InternalFailureEvent transitionPlatformState
M PlatformStateAccessControlDefaultLoop QueryPlatformState sendReportPlatformState
N PlatformStateControlledLoop SetPlatformState isControllingClient && setToInitialize storeRequester , triggerReset
SetPlatformState isControllingClient && setToEmergency storeRequester , triggerEmergency
SetPlatformState isControllingClient && setToShutdown storeRequester , triggerShutdown
SetPlatformState isControllingClient && setToRenderUseless storeRequester , triggerRenderUseless
SetPlatformState isControllingClient && setToOperational storeRequester , triggerRecoverEmergency
O PlatformStateFSMDefaultLoop ResetEvent sendConfirmPlatformStateRequestInvalidState
EmergencyEvent sendConfirmPlatformStateRequestInvalidState
RecoverEmergencyEvent sendConfirmPlatformStateRequestInvalidState
ShutdownEvent sendConfirmPlatformStateRequestInvalidState
RenderUselessEvent sendConfirmPlatformStateRequestInvalidState

Action Name Type Description
sendConfirmPlatformStateRequestInvalidState Send a Confirm Platform State Request message with a response code of InvalidState.
sendConfirmPlatformStateRequestTransitioning Send a Confirm Platform State Request message with a response code of Transitioning.
sendReportPlatformState Send Action Sends a ReportPlatformState to the requesting client.
Output Message: ReportPlatformState
storeRequester Store the JAUS ID for the client requesting a state transition.
transitionPlatformState Sends messages to effect the state transition.
triggerEmergency Trigger an 'Emergency' Internal Event.
triggerRecoverEmergency Trigger a 'Recover Emergency' Internal Event.
triggerRenderUseless Trigger a 'Render_Useless' Internal Event.
triggerReset Trigger a 'Reset' Internal Event.
triggerShutdown Trigger a 'Shutdown' Internal Event.

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