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Message GrantSubsystemID

Message ID: FB01h

Provides the Subsystem ID requested via RequestSubsystemID. The Subsystem ID Allocator will send this response to the requestor. Since the requestor does not yet have a valid Subsystem ID, this must be sent as a JAUS broadcast. It carries the MAC address provided by the requestor in the RequestSubsytemID, to allow the requestor to verify that it is the intended receiver before installing the Subsystem ID. In the event of error, this message will return a zero value Subsystem ID.

Message Format
Field # Field Type Units Optional Interpretation
1 SubsystemID Unsigned Short units one false The 16 bit JAUS Subsystem ID assigned by the SubsystemIDAllocator.
2 SubsystemType Enumeration
Integer Size: Unsigned Short
one false Follows the definition of the Type field of ReportIdentification:

Enumeration Values:
10001: VEHICLE
20001: OCU
3 MACaddr Array
units_one false Array of six unsigned bytes containing the MAC address of the requestor.

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