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Message QueryEvents

Message ID: 21F0h

The Query Events message is used to request detail on events. Queries can be made by message ID, event type or Event ID. If no filter is specified, all events should be reported.


Message Format
Field # Field Type Units Optional Interpretation
1 QueryEventsVariant Variant varies false

Type Enum Size: Unsigned Byte
Enum Value Name Type Units Optional Interpretation
0 MessageID Unsigned Short units one false Query Message ID of the Event message that the receiving component is inquiring about.
1 EventType Enumeration
Integer Size: Unsigned Byte
one false The kind of Event.

Enumeration Values:
0: Periodic
1: Every Change
2 EventID Unsigned Byte units one false Event ID returned by Confirm Event for details on specific event.
3 AllEvents Unsigned Byte units one false All events should be reported.

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