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Message QuerySubsystemIDs

Message ID: EB02h

QuerySubsystemIDs requests a report (ReportSubsystemIDs) of subsystem IDs allocated by the SubsystemIDAllocator service. The Report contains a list of records; each record pairs the allocated subsystem ID with the MAC address of the entity that requested the subsystem ID. This Query has controlled scope; the client may query for all allocated subsystems, subsystems identifying as UGVs, subsystems identifying as OCUs, or may query to obtain the record associated with a given MAC address.

Message Format
Field # Field Type Units Optional Interpretation
1 SubsystemIDType Enumeration
Integer Size: Unsigned Byte
one false Enumeration, specifying types of subsystem to be reported

Enumeration Values:
0: ALL
1: OCU
2: UGV
3: MAC
2 MACaddr Array
units_one false Array of six unsigned bytes containing the MAC address; relevant only for queries with SubsystemIDType = 3.

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