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Message RegisterDigitalResourceEndpoint

Message ID: E703h

Registers a digital resource server with the service. Each endpoint is represented by a URL; however, the URL shall not require a Domain Name Service (DNS) to resolve. In addition, each stream may also specify a JAUS ID that hosts additional SAE JAUS services for the configuration and control of the digital resource, as well as a ResourceID that identifies the stream source.


Message Format
Field # Field Type Units Optional Interpretation
1 RequestIDRec Record false
2 DigitalResourceEndpointRec Record false

Field # Field Type Units Optional Interpretation
1 RequestID Unsigned Byte units one false Client provided ID to link the response to the request

Field # Field Type Units Optional Interpretation
1 Presence Vector Unsigned Byte one false Bit 0: JAUS_ID
Bit 1: ResourceID
2 ServerType Enumeration
Integer Size: Unsigned Byte
one false Enumeration Values:
2: FTP
4: FTP_over_SSH
7: SCP
3 ServerURL VariableLengthString
Count Size: Unsigned Byte
one false URL of the digital resource server. This URL should not require a DNS to resolve; hence, an IP address should be substituted for a host name.
4 JAUS_ID BitField
Integer Size: Unsigned Integer
one true [0, 7] : ComponentID (range: 0 ... 255)
[8, 15] : NodeID (range: 0 ... 255)
[16, 31] : SubsystemID (range: 0 ... 65535)
5 ResourceID Unsigned Short units one true The ID used by the configuration and control service to identify this source. This is the SensorID for visual sensors.

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