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Message ReportElement

Message ID: 441Ah

This message is used to report a single element from a list. The element is uniquely identified by the UID, while it's position within the list is denoted by the previous (parent) and next (child) elements. The message data is identical to the Element Record in ID 041Ah: SetElement.

Message Format
Field # Field Type Units Optional Interpretation
1 ElementUID Unsigned Short units one false 1 to 65534, values of 0 and 65535 are reserved.
2 PreviousUID Unsigned Short units one false UID of the previous (parent) element in this list. The value is 0 if this is the first (head) element.
3 NextUID Unsigned Short units one false UID of the next (child) element in this list. The value is 0 if this is the last (tail) element.
4 ElementData Blob
Count Field: Unsigned Short
varies false Format Enumeration:

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