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Message ReportStillImageSensorConfiguration

Message ID: 4813h

This message is sent in response to a Query Still Image Sensor Configuration message. It is populated with the current sensor configuration (per sensor ID) as defined in the table below.


Message Format
Field # Field Type Units Optional Interpretation
1 StillImageSensorConfigurationList List false

Count Field: Unsigned Short
Field # Field Type Units Optional Interpretation
1 Presence Vector Unsigned Byte one false Bit 0: FrameSize
Bit 1: StillImageFormat
2 SensorID Unsigned Short units one false
3 FrameSize Enumeration
Integer Size: Unsigned Byte
one true Enumeration Values:
0: FSE_sqcif_128x96
1: FSE_qcif_176x144
2: FSE_cif_352x288
3: FSE_cif4_704x576
4: FSE_cif16_1408x1152
5: FSE_qqvga_160x120
6: FSE_qvga_320x240
7: FSE_vga_640x480
8: FSE_svga_800x600
9: FSE_xga_1024x768
10: FSE_uxga_1600x1200
11: FSE_qxga_2048x1536
12: FSE_sxga_1280x1024
13: FSE_qsxga_2560x2048
14: FSE_hsxga_5120x4096
15: FSE_wvga_852x480
16: FSE_wxga_1366x768
17: FSE_wsxga_1600x1024
18: FSE_wuxga_1920x1200
19: FSE_woxga_2560x1600
20: FSE_wqsxga_3200x2048
21: FSE_wquxga_3840x2400
22: FSE_whsxga_6400x4096
23: FSE_whuxga_7680x4800
24: FSE_cga_320x200
25: FSE_ega_640x350
26: FSE_hd480_852x480
27: FSE_hd720_1280x720
28: FSE_hd1080_1920x1080
4 StillImageFormat Enumeration
Integer Size: Unsigned Byte
one true Enumeration Values:
1: GIF
2: PNG
3: BMP
5: PPM
6: PGM
7: PNM
8: NEF
9: CR_2
10: DNG

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