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Message ReportSubsystemIDs

Message ID: FB02h

ReportSubsystemIDs provides a mapping of allocated Subsystem ID to the MAC address of the Subsystem ID holder. The Report indicates whether the list of subsystem ID to MAC mappings includes all allocated subsystem IDs, only those allocated to OCU subsystem types, only those allocated to UGV subsystem types, or if the Report is in response to a request for the subsystem ID allocated to a specified MAC address. In the event that no subsystem ID matching the query criteria has been allocated, ReportSubsystemID will return a zero-element list (count_field = 0).


Message Format
Field # Field Type Units Optional Interpretation
1 SubsystemIDTypeRec Record false
2 SubsystemIDsList List false

Field # Field Type Units Optional Interpretation
1 SubsystemIDType Enumeration
Integer Size: Unsigned Byte
one false Enumeration, specifying types of subsystem to be reported

Enumeration Values:
0: ALL
1: OCU
2: UGV
3: MAC

Count Field: Unsigned Byte
Field # Field Type Units Optional Interpretation
1 SubsystemID Unsigned Short units one false Subsystem ID
2 SubsystemType Enumeration
Integer Size: Unsigned Short
one false Enumeration Values:
10001: VEHICLE
20001: OCU
3 MACaddr Array
units_one false Array of six unsigned bytes containing the MAC address to which the SubsystemID has been allocated.

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