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Message RequestNodeID

Message ID: DB03h

This message is used to request assignment of a unique Node ID by the requester. Typically, a node like a payload sends this message to the known location of the Subsystem ID Allocator or broadcasts it at the node level.

Message Format
Field # Field Type Units Optional Interpretation
1 RequesterID Array
units_one false An array of 7 bytes used to represent a unique ID associated with the node requesting a Node ID. This field must be formed to be unique amongst all nodes that can request a Node ID within a Subsystem. The following methods are suggested for assigning a unique node ID: 1. The first 6 bytes of the array are a MAC Address or unique IPv6 Address of the location where the Requestor resides, and the final byte is a unique integer value used to differentiate multiple JAUS nodes at that location. 2. The first 4 bytes of the array are a unique IPv4 address of the location where the Requester resides, and the 5th byte is a unique integrer value used to differentiate multiple JAUS nodes at that location. The final two bytes are unused and set to 0.

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