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Message SetStillImageSensorConfiguration

Message ID: 0807h

This message is used to set the configuration of the still image sensor associated with the service. Configuration is based off of each sensorís capabilities as described in the Report Still Image Sensor Capabilities message. This message shall cause the receiving service to reply to the sender with a Confirm Sensor Configuration message. If the configuration specified is invalid for a given sensor ID, the confirm message shall contain an Still Image Error Record for the given Sensor ID however other, valid, configurations specified shall be set (if they exist).


Message Format
Field # Field Type Units Optional Interpretation
1 RequestIdRec Record false
2 StillImageSensorConfigurationList List false

Field # Field Type Units Optional Interpretation
1 RequestID Unsigned Byte units one false

Count Field: Unsigned Short
Field # Field Type Units Optional Interpretation
1 Presence Vector Unsigned Byte one false Bit 0: FrameSize
Bit 1: StillImageFormat
2 SensorID Unsigned Short units one false
3 FrameSize Enumeration
Integer Size: Unsigned Byte
one true Enumeration Values:
0: FSE_sqcif_128x96
1: FSE_qcif_176x144
2: FSE_cif_352x288
3: FSE_cif4_704x576
4: FSE_cif16_1408x1152
5: FSE_qqvga_160x120
6: FSE_qvga_320x240
7: FSE_vga_640x480
8: FSE_svga_800x600
9: FSE_xga_1024x768
10: FSE_uxga_1600x1200
11: FSE_qxga_2048x1536
12: FSE_sxga_1280x1024
13: FSE_qsxga_2560x2048
14: FSE_hsxga_5120x4096
15: FSE_wvga_852x480
16: FSE_wxga_1366x768
17: FSE_wsxga_1600x1024
18: FSE_wuxga_1920x1200
19: FSE_woxga_2560x1600
20: FSE_wqsxga_3200x2048
21: FSE_wquxga_3840x2400
22: FSE_whsxga_6400x4096
23: FSE_whuxga_7680x4800
24: FSE_cga_320x200
25: FSE_ega_640x350
26: FSE_hd480_852x480
27: FSE_hd720_1280x720
28: FSE_hd1080_1920x1080
4 StillImageFormat Enumeration
Integer Size: Unsigned Byte
one true Enumeration Values:
1: GIF
2: PNG
3: BMP
5: PPM
6: PGM
7: PNM
8: NEF
9: CR_2
10: DNG

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