OpenJAUS Software Development Kit  4.3.1
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openjaus::core::QSLComponentRecord Class Reference

#include <QSLComponentRecord.h>

Inherits openjaus::model::fields::Record.

Public Member Functions

 QSLComponentRecord ()
 QSLComponentRecord (const QSLComponentRecord &source)
 ~QSLComponentRecord ()
void copy (QSLComponentRecord &source)
virtual int to (system::Buffer *dst)
 Operation to. More...
virtual int from (system::Buffer *src)
 Operation from. More...
virtual int length (void)
 Serializes object to internal transport buffer. More...
std::string toXml (unsigned char ojIndentLevel=0) const
void setPresenceVector (uint8_t value)
uint8_t getPresenceVector (void) const
bool isSearchFilterEnabled (void) const
void enableSearchFilter (void)
void disableSearchFilter (void)
uint8_t getComponentID (void)
bool setComponentID (uint8_t value)
std::string getSearchFilter (void)
bool setSearchFilter (std::string value)
- Public Member Functions inherited from openjaus::model::fields::Record
 Record ()
virtual ~Record ()
const std::vector< Field *> & getFields () const
 Accessor to get the value of fields. More...
bool setFields (const Field &fields)
 Accessor to set value of fields. More...
virtual std::string toString () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from openjaus::model::fields::ComplexField
virtual ~ComplexField ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from openjaus::model::fields::Field
 Field ()
virtual ~Field ()
std::string getName () const
 Accessor to get the value of name. More...
bool setName (std::string name)
 Accessor to set value of name. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from openjaus::system::Transportable
virtual ~Transportable ()
 Transportable ()

Static Public Attributes

static const uint8_t PV_ALL_FIELDS = 0xFF
static const uint8_t PV_NO_FIELDS = 0x0
static const uint8_t PV_SEARCHFILTER = 0x1

Protected Attributes

model::fields::UnsignedByte componentID
model::fields::VariableLengthString searchFilter
uint8_t presenceVector
- Protected Attributes inherited from openjaus::model::fields::Record
std::vector< Field *> fields
- Protected Attributes inherited from openjaus::model::fields::Field
std::string name

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

§ QSLComponentRecord() [1/2]

openjaus::core::QSLComponentRecord::QSLComponentRecord ( )

§ QSLComponentRecord() [2/2]

openjaus::core::QSLComponentRecord::QSLComponentRecord ( const QSLComponentRecord source)

§ ~QSLComponentRecord()

openjaus::core::QSLComponentRecord::~QSLComponentRecord ( )

Member Function Documentation

§ copy()

void openjaus::core::QSLComponentRecord::copy ( QSLComponentRecord source)

§ disableSearchFilter()

void openjaus::core::QSLComponentRecord::disableSearchFilter ( void  )

§ enableSearchFilter()

void openjaus::core::QSLComponentRecord::enableSearchFilter ( void  )

§ from()

int openjaus::core::QSLComponentRecord::from ( system::Buffer src)

Reimplemented from openjaus::model::fields::Record.

§ getComponentID()

uint8_t openjaus::core::QSLComponentRecord::getComponentID ( void  )

§ getPresenceVector()

uint8_t openjaus::core::QSLComponentRecord::getPresenceVector ( void  ) const

§ getSearchFilter()

std::string openjaus::core::QSLComponentRecord::getSearchFilter ( void  )

§ isSearchFilterEnabled()

bool openjaus::core::QSLComponentRecord::isSearchFilterEnabled ( void  ) const

§ length()

int openjaus::core::QSLComponentRecord::length ( void  )

Reimplemented from openjaus::model::fields::Record.

§ setComponentID()

bool openjaus::core::QSLComponentRecord::setComponentID ( uint8_t  value)

§ setPresenceVector()

void openjaus::core::QSLComponentRecord::setPresenceVector ( uint8_t  value)

§ setSearchFilter()

bool openjaus::core::QSLComponentRecord::setSearchFilter ( std::string  value)

§ to()

int openjaus::core::QSLComponentRecord::to ( system::Buffer dst)

Reimplemented from openjaus::model::fields::Record.

§ toXml()

std::string openjaus::core::QSLComponentRecord::toXml ( unsigned char  ojIndentLevel = 0) const

Member Data Documentation

§ componentID

model::fields::UnsignedByte openjaus::core::QSLComponentRecord::componentID

§ presenceVector

uint8_t openjaus::core::QSLComponentRecord::presenceVector


const uint8_t openjaus::core::QSLComponentRecord::PV_ALL_FIELDS = 0xFF


const uint8_t openjaus::core::QSLComponentRecord::PV_NO_FIELDS = 0x0


const uint8_t openjaus::core::QSLComponentRecord::PV_SEARCHFILTER = 0x1

§ searchFilter

model::fields::VariableLengthString openjaus::core::QSLComponentRecord::searchFilter

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