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openjaus::environment::ExposureModesBitField Class Reference

#include <ExposureModesBitField.h>

Inherits openjaus::model::fields::BitField.

Public Member Functions

 ExposureModesBitField ()
 ~ExposureModesBitField ()
bool setAutoExposure (bool value)
bool getAutoExposure (void) const
bool setManualExposure (bool value)
bool getManualExposure (void) const
bool setShutterPriority (bool value)
bool getShutterPriority (void) const
bool setAperturePriority (bool value)
bool getAperturePriority (void) const
uint8_t getIntegerValue (void) const
void setIntegerValue (uint8_t value)
virtual int to (system::Buffer *dst)
 Operation to. More...
virtual int from (system::Buffer *src)
 Operation from. More...
virtual int length ()
 Serializes object to internal transport buffer. More...
void copy (ExposureModesBitField &source)
std::string toXml (unsigned char ojIndentLevel=0) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from openjaus::model::fields::BitField
 BitField ()
virtual ~BitField ()
long getDefaultValue () const
 Accessor to get the value of defaultValue. More...
bool setDefaultValue (long defaultValue)
 Accessor to set value of defaultValue. More...
uint64_t getValue () const
 Accessor to get the value of value. More...
bool setValue (uint64_t value)
 Accessor to set value of value. More...
TypesUnsigned getSize () const
 Accessor to get the value of size. More...
bool setSize (TypesUnsigned size)
 Accessor to set value of size. More...
const std::vector< BitFieldItem *> & getItems () const
 Accessor to get the value of items. More...
bool setItems (const BitFieldItem &items)
 Accessor to set value of items. More...
virtual std::string toString () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from openjaus::model::fields::ComplexField
virtual ~ComplexField ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from openjaus::model::fields::Field
 Field ()
virtual ~Field ()
std::string getName () const
 Accessor to get the value of name. More...
bool setName (std::string name)
 Accessor to set value of name. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from openjaus::system::Transportable
virtual ~Transportable ()
 Transportable ()

Protected Attributes

bool autoExposure
bool manualExposure
bool shutterPriority
bool aperturePriority
- Protected Attributes inherited from openjaus::model::fields::BitField
long defaultValue
uint64_t value
TypesUnsigned size
std::vector< BitFieldItem *> items
- Protected Attributes inherited from openjaus::model::fields::Field
std::string name

Static Protected Attributes

static const long AUTOEXPOSURE_START_BIT = 0
static const long AUTOEXPOSURE_BIT_MASK = 0x1
static const long MANUALEXPOSURE_START_BIT = 1
static const long MANUALEXPOSURE_BIT_MASK = 0x1
static const long SHUTTERPRIORITY_START_BIT = 2
static const long SHUTTERPRIORITY_BIT_MASK = 0x1
static const long APERTUREPRIORITY_START_BIT = 3
static const long APERTUREPRIORITY_BIT_MASK = 0x1

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

§ ExposureModesBitField()

openjaus::environment::ExposureModesBitField::ExposureModesBitField ( )

§ ~ExposureModesBitField()

openjaus::environment::ExposureModesBitField::~ExposureModesBitField ( )

Member Function Documentation

§ copy()

void openjaus::environment::ExposureModesBitField::copy ( ExposureModesBitField source)

§ from()

int openjaus::environment::ExposureModesBitField::from ( system::Buffer src)

Reimplemented from openjaus::model::fields::BitField.

§ getAperturePriority()

bool openjaus::environment::ExposureModesBitField::getAperturePriority ( void  ) const

§ getAutoExposure()

bool openjaus::environment::ExposureModesBitField::getAutoExposure ( void  ) const

§ getIntegerValue()

uint8_t openjaus::environment::ExposureModesBitField::getIntegerValue ( void  ) const

§ getManualExposure()

bool openjaus::environment::ExposureModesBitField::getManualExposure ( void  ) const

§ getShutterPriority()

bool openjaus::environment::ExposureModesBitField::getShutterPriority ( void  ) const

§ length()

int openjaus::environment::ExposureModesBitField::length ( )

Reimplemented from openjaus::model::fields::BitField.

§ setAperturePriority()

bool openjaus::environment::ExposureModesBitField::setAperturePriority ( bool  value)

§ setAutoExposure()

bool openjaus::environment::ExposureModesBitField::setAutoExposure ( bool  value)

§ setIntegerValue()

void openjaus::environment::ExposureModesBitField::setIntegerValue ( uint8_t  value)

§ setManualExposure()

bool openjaus::environment::ExposureModesBitField::setManualExposure ( bool  value)

§ setShutterPriority()

bool openjaus::environment::ExposureModesBitField::setShutterPriority ( bool  value)

§ to()

int openjaus::environment::ExposureModesBitField::to ( system::Buffer dst)

Reimplemented from openjaus::model::fields::BitField.

§ toXml()

std::string openjaus::environment::ExposureModesBitField::toXml ( unsigned char  ojIndentLevel = 0) const

Member Data Documentation

§ aperturePriority

bool openjaus::environment::ExposureModesBitField::aperturePriority


const long openjaus::environment::ExposureModesBitField::APERTUREPRIORITY_BIT_MASK = 0x1


const long openjaus::environment::ExposureModesBitField::APERTUREPRIORITY_START_BIT = 3

§ autoExposure

bool openjaus::environment::ExposureModesBitField::autoExposure


const long openjaus::environment::ExposureModesBitField::AUTOEXPOSURE_BIT_MASK = 0x1


const long openjaus::environment::ExposureModesBitField::AUTOEXPOSURE_START_BIT = 0

§ manualExposure

bool openjaus::environment::ExposureModesBitField::manualExposure


const long openjaus::environment::ExposureModesBitField::MANUALEXPOSURE_BIT_MASK = 0x1


const long openjaus::environment::ExposureModesBitField::MANUALEXPOSURE_START_BIT = 1

§ shutterPriority

bool openjaus::environment::ExposureModesBitField::shutterPriority


const long openjaus::environment::ExposureModesBitField::SHUTTERPRIORITY_BIT_MASK = 0x1


const long openjaus::environment::ExposureModesBitField::SHUTTERPRIORITY_START_BIT = 2

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