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openjaus::mobility::SetGlobalVector Class Reference

SetGlobalVector Message Implementation. More...

#include <SetGlobalVector.h>

Inherits openjaus::model::Message.

Public Member Functions

 SetGlobalVector ()
 SetGlobalVector (model::Message *message)
 ~SetGlobalVector ()
virtual int to (system::Buffer *dst)
 Pack this message to the given openjaus::system::Buffer. More...
virtual int from (system::Buffer *src)
 Unpack this message from the given openjaus::system::Buffer. More...
virtual int length ()
 Get the number of bytes this message would occupy in a serialized buffer. More...
std::string toXml (unsigned char ojIndentLevel=0) const
 Used to serialize the runtime state of the message to an XML format. More...
std::string toString () const
 Returns a string populated with the Message name and ID More...
void setPresenceVector (uint8_t value)
uint8_t getPresenceVector (void) const
bool isSpeedEnabled (void) const
void enableSpeed (void)
void disableSpeed (void)
bool isAltitudeEnabled (void) const
void enableAltitude (void)
void disableAltitude (void)
bool isHeadingEnabled (void) const
void enableHeading (void)
void disableHeading (void)
bool isRollEnabled (void) const
void enableRoll (void)
void disableRoll (void)
bool isPitchEnabled (void) const
void enablePitch (void)
void disablePitch (void)
double getSpeed_mps (void)
bool setSpeed_mps (double value)
double getAltitude_m (void)
bool setAltitude_m (double value)
double getHeading_rad (void)
bool setHeading_rad (double value)
double getRoll_rad (void)
bool setRoll_rad (double value)
double getPitch_rad (void)
bool setPitch_rad (double value)
- Public Member Functions inherited from openjaus::model::Message
 Message ()
virtual ~Message ()
 Message (Message *message)
int to (system::Buffer *dst)
 Operation to. More...
int from (system::Buffer *src)
 Operation from. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from openjaus::transport::Wrapper
 Wrapper ()
virtual ~Wrapper ()
AckNakType getAckNak () const
 Accessor to get the value of ackNak. More...
bool setAckNak (AckNakType ackNak)
 Accessor to set value of ackNak. More...
bool isCompressible () const
 Accessor to get the value of compressible. More...
bool setCompressible (bool compressible)
 Accessor to set value of compressible. More...
bool isMustArrive () const
 Accessor to get the value of mustArrive. More...
bool setMustArrive (bool mustArrive)
 Accessor to set value of mustArrive. More...
uint16_t getSequenceNumber () const
 Accessor to get the value of sequenceNumber. More...
bool setSequenceNumber (uint16_t sequenceNumber)
 Accessor to set value of sequenceNumber. More...
WrapperType getType () const
 Accessor to get the value of type. More...
bool setType (WrapperType type)
 Accessor to set value of type. More...
Priority getPriority () const
 Accessor to get the value of priority. More...
bool setPriority (Priority priority)
 Accessor to set value of priority. More...
BroadcastType getBroadcastFlag () const
 Accessor to get the value of broadcastFlag. More...
bool setBroadcastFlag (BroadcastType broadcastFlag)
 Accessor to set value of broadcastFlag. More...
LargeMessageType getLargeMessageFlag () const
 Accessor to get the value of largeMessageFlag. More...
bool setLargeMessageFlag (LargeMessageType largeMessageFlag)
 Accessor to set value of largeMessageFlag. More...
const AddressgetDestination () const
 Accessor to get the value of destination. More...
bool setDestination (const Address &destination)
 Accessor to set value of destination. More...
system::TransportablegetPayload () const
 Accessor to get the value of payload. More...
bool setPayload (system::Transportable *payload)
 Accessor to set value of payload. More...
const AddressgetSource () const
 Accessor to get the value of source. More...
bool setSource (const Address &source)
 Accessor to set value of source. More...
TransportDatagetTransportData () const
 Accessor to get the value of transportData. More...
bool setTransportData (TransportData *transportData)
 Accessor to set value of transportData. More...
virtual int prioritizedValue ()
 Operation prioritizedValue. More...
virtual Wrapperclone ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from openjaus::system::Transportable
virtual ~Transportable ()
 Transportable ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from openjaus::system::Prioritized
virtual ~Prioritized ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from openjaus::model::Trigger
 Trigger ()
virtual ~Trigger ()
double getTriggerTimestamp_sec () const
 Accessor to get the value of triggerTimestamp_sec. More...
bool setTriggerTimestamp_sec (double triggerTimestamp_sec)
 Accessor to set value of triggerTimestamp_sec. More...
uint32_t getId () const
 Accessor to get the value of id. More...
bool setId (uint32_t id)
 Accessor to set value of id. More...
std::string idString ()
 Operation idString. More...

Static Public Attributes

static const uint16_t ID = 0x0407
static const uint8_t PV_ALL_FIELDS = 0xFF
static const uint8_t PV_NO_FIELDS = 0x0
static const uint8_t PV_SPEED = 0x1
static const uint8_t PV_ALTITUDE = 0x2
static const uint8_t PV_HEADING = 0x4
static const uint8_t PV_ROLL = 0x8
static const uint8_t PV_PITCH = 0x10
static const double SPEED_MIN_VALUE = 0.0
static const double SPEED_MAX_VALUE = 327.67
static const double ALTITUDE_MIN_VALUE = -10000.0
static const double ALTITUDE_MAX_VALUE = 35000.0
static const double HEADING_MIN_VALUE = -3.141592653589793
static const double HEADING_MAX_VALUE = 3.141592653589793
static const double ROLL_MIN_VALUE = -3.141592653589793
static const double ROLL_MAX_VALUE = 3.141592653589793
static const double PITCH_MIN_VALUE = -3.141592653589793
static const double PITCH_MAX_VALUE = 3.141592653589793

Private Attributes

LinearSpeedScaledInteger speed_mps
JausAltitudeScaledInteger altitude_m
OrientationScaledInteger heading_rad
OrientationScaledInteger roll_rad
OrientationScaledInteger pitch_rad
uint8_t presenceVector


OPENJAUS_EXPORT friend std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &output, const SetGlobalVector &object)
 OStream operator for Message object More...
OPENJAUS_EXPORT friend std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &output, const SetGlobalVector *object)
 OStream operator for Message pointer More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from openjaus::transport::Wrapper
 Wrapper (const Wrapper &wrapper)
- Protected Attributes inherited from openjaus::transport::Wrapper
AckNakType ackNak
bool compressible
bool mustArrive
uint16_t sequenceNumber
WrapperType type
Priority priority
BroadcastType broadcastFlag
LargeMessageType largeMessageFlag
Address destination
Address source
- Protected Attributes inherited from openjaus::model::Trigger
double triggerTimestamp_sec
uint32_t id

Detailed Description

This message is used to set the driving vector based on the global coordinate system. Field #2 sets the desired speed of the platform. The desired heading angle is set in field #4 and is defined in a right hand sense about the Z axis of the global coordinate system (the Z axis points downward) where North is defined as zero degrees. Field #3 sets the desired Altitude in accordance with the WGS 84 standard. The desired roll angle is set in field #5 and is also defined in a right hand sense about the X axis of the global coordinate system. The desired pitch angle is set in field #6 in a right hand sense about the Y axis.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

§ SetGlobalVector() [1/2]

openjaus::mobility::SetGlobalVector::SetGlobalVector ( )

§ SetGlobalVector() [2/2]

openjaus::mobility::SetGlobalVector::SetGlobalVector ( model::Message message)

§ ~SetGlobalVector()

openjaus::mobility::SetGlobalVector::~SetGlobalVector ( )

Member Function Documentation

§ disableAltitude()

void openjaus::mobility::SetGlobalVector::disableAltitude ( void  )

§ disableHeading()

void openjaus::mobility::SetGlobalVector::disableHeading ( void  )

§ disablePitch()

void openjaus::mobility::SetGlobalVector::disablePitch ( void  )

§ disableRoll()

void openjaus::mobility::SetGlobalVector::disableRoll ( void  )

§ disableSpeed()

void openjaus::mobility::SetGlobalVector::disableSpeed ( void  )

§ enableAltitude()

void openjaus::mobility::SetGlobalVector::enableAltitude ( void  )

§ enableHeading()

void openjaus::mobility::SetGlobalVector::enableHeading ( void  )

§ enablePitch()

void openjaus::mobility::SetGlobalVector::enablePitch ( void  )

§ enableRoll()

void openjaus::mobility::SetGlobalVector::enableRoll ( void  )

§ enableSpeed()

void openjaus::mobility::SetGlobalVector::enableSpeed ( void  )

§ from()

int openjaus::mobility::SetGlobalVector::from ( system::Buffer src)
[in]src- The source openjaus::system::Buffer from which this message will be unpacked.
The number of bytes unpacked from the source buffer

Reimplemented from openjaus::transport::Wrapper.

§ getAltitude_m()

double openjaus::mobility::SetGlobalVector::getAltitude_m ( void  )

§ getHeading_rad()

double openjaus::mobility::SetGlobalVector::getHeading_rad ( void  )

§ getPitch_rad()

double openjaus::mobility::SetGlobalVector::getPitch_rad ( void  )

§ getPresenceVector()

uint8_t openjaus::mobility::SetGlobalVector::getPresenceVector ( void  ) const

§ getRoll_rad()

double openjaus::mobility::SetGlobalVector::getRoll_rad ( void  )

§ getSpeed_mps()

double openjaus::mobility::SetGlobalVector::getSpeed_mps ( void  )

§ isAltitudeEnabled()

bool openjaus::mobility::SetGlobalVector::isAltitudeEnabled ( void  ) const

§ isHeadingEnabled()

bool openjaus::mobility::SetGlobalVector::isHeadingEnabled ( void  ) const

§ isPitchEnabled()

bool openjaus::mobility::SetGlobalVector::isPitchEnabled ( void  ) const

§ isRollEnabled()

bool openjaus::mobility::SetGlobalVector::isRollEnabled ( void  ) const

§ isSpeedEnabled()

bool openjaus::mobility::SetGlobalVector::isSpeedEnabled ( void  ) const

§ length()

int openjaus::mobility::SetGlobalVector::length ( void  )
The number of bytes this message would occupy in a buffer

Reimplemented from openjaus::model::Message.

§ setAltitude_m()

bool openjaus::mobility::SetGlobalVector::setAltitude_m ( double  value)

§ setHeading_rad()

bool openjaus::mobility::SetGlobalVector::setHeading_rad ( double  value)

§ setPitch_rad()

bool openjaus::mobility::SetGlobalVector::setPitch_rad ( double  value)

§ setPresenceVector()

void openjaus::mobility::SetGlobalVector::setPresenceVector ( uint8_t  value)

§ setRoll_rad()

bool openjaus::mobility::SetGlobalVector::setRoll_rad ( double  value)

§ setSpeed_mps()

bool openjaus::mobility::SetGlobalVector::setSpeed_mps ( double  value)

§ to()

int openjaus::mobility::SetGlobalVector::to ( system::Buffer dst)
[out]dst- The destination openjaus::system::Buffer to which this message will be packed.
The number of bytes packed into the destination buffer

Reimplemented from openjaus::transport::Wrapper.

§ toString()

std::string openjaus::mobility::SetGlobalVector::toString ( ) const
The string

Reimplemented from openjaus::model::Message.

§ toXml()

std::string openjaus::mobility::SetGlobalVector::toXml ( unsigned char  ojIndentLevel = 0) const
[in]ojIndentLevel- Used to determine how many tabs are inserted per line for pretty formating.
The serialized XML string

Friends And Related Function Documentation

§ operator<< [1/2]

OPENJAUS_EXPORT friend std::ostream& operator<< ( std::ostream &  output,
const SetGlobalVector object 

§ operator<< [2/2]

OPENJAUS_EXPORT friend std::ostream& operator<< ( std::ostream &  output,
const SetGlobalVector object 

Member Data Documentation

§ altitude_m

JausAltitudeScaledInteger openjaus::mobility::SetGlobalVector::altitude_m


const double openjaus::mobility::SetGlobalVector::ALTITUDE_MAX_VALUE = 35000.0


const double openjaus::mobility::SetGlobalVector::ALTITUDE_MIN_VALUE = -10000.0


const double openjaus::mobility::SetGlobalVector::HEADING_MAX_VALUE = 3.141592653589793


const double openjaus::mobility::SetGlobalVector::HEADING_MIN_VALUE = -3.141592653589793

§ heading_rad

OrientationScaledInteger openjaus::mobility::SetGlobalVector::heading_rad

§ ID

const uint16_t openjaus::mobility::SetGlobalVector::ID = 0x0407


const double openjaus::mobility::SetGlobalVector::PITCH_MAX_VALUE = 3.141592653589793


const double openjaus::mobility::SetGlobalVector::PITCH_MIN_VALUE = -3.141592653589793

§ pitch_rad

OrientationScaledInteger openjaus::mobility::SetGlobalVector::pitch_rad

§ presenceVector

uint8_t openjaus::mobility::SetGlobalVector::presenceVector


const uint8_t openjaus::mobility::SetGlobalVector::PV_ALL_FIELDS = 0xFF


const uint8_t openjaus::mobility::SetGlobalVector::PV_ALTITUDE = 0x2


const uint8_t openjaus::mobility::SetGlobalVector::PV_HEADING = 0x4


const uint8_t openjaus::mobility::SetGlobalVector::PV_NO_FIELDS = 0x0


const uint8_t openjaus::mobility::SetGlobalVector::PV_PITCH = 0x10


const uint8_t openjaus::mobility::SetGlobalVector::PV_ROLL = 0x8


const uint8_t openjaus::mobility::SetGlobalVector::PV_SPEED = 0x1


const double openjaus::mobility::SetGlobalVector::ROLL_MAX_VALUE = 3.141592653589793


const double openjaus::mobility::SetGlobalVector::ROLL_MIN_VALUE = -3.141592653589793

§ roll_rad

OrientationScaledInteger openjaus::mobility::SetGlobalVector::roll_rad


const double openjaus::mobility::SetGlobalVector::SPEED_MAX_VALUE = 327.67


const double openjaus::mobility::SetGlobalVector::SPEED_MIN_VALUE = 0.0

§ speed_mps

LinearSpeedScaledInteger openjaus::mobility::SetGlobalVector::speed_mps

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