OpenJAUS Software Development Kit  4.3.1
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openjaus::manipulator::JointMotionProfileList Class Reference

#include <JointMotionProfileList.h>

Inherits openjaus::model::fields::Array.

Public Member Functions

 JointMotionProfileList ()
 ~JointMotionProfileList ()
void copy (JointMotionProfileList &source)
virtual int to (system::Buffer *dst)
 Operation to. More...
virtual int from (system::Buffer *src)
 Operation from. More...
virtual int length ()
 Serializes object to internal transport buffer. More...
std::string toXml (unsigned char ojIndentLevel=0) const
std::vector< JointTypeVariant > & getJointType ()
void add (JointTypeVariant value)
void remove (int index)
bool empty ()
void clear ()
bool set (std::size_t index, JointTypeVariant value)
JointTypeVariantget (std::size_t index)
std::size_t size ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from openjaus::model::fields::Array
 Array ()
virtual ~Array ()
TypesUnsigned getSizeType () const
 Accessor to get the value of sizeType. More...
bool setSizeType (TypesUnsigned sizeType)
 Accessor to set value of sizeType. More...
const ArrayTypegetType () const
 Accessor to get the value of type. More...
bool setType (const ArrayType &type)
 Accessor to set value of type. More...
const std::vector< ArrayDimension *> & getDimensions () const
 Accessor to get the value of dimensions. More...
bool setDimensions (const ArrayDimension &dimensions)
 Accessor to set value of dimensions. More...
virtual std::string toString () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from openjaus::model::fields::ComplexField
virtual ~ComplexField ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from openjaus::model::fields::Field
 Field ()
virtual ~Field ()
std::string getName () const
 Accessor to get the value of name. More...
bool setName (std::string name)
 Accessor to set value of name. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from openjaus::system::Transportable
virtual ~Transportable ()
 Transportable ()

Protected Attributes

std::vector< JointTypeVariantjointType
- Protected Attributes inherited from openjaus::model::fields::Array
TypesUnsigned sizeType
ArrayType type
std::vector< ArrayDimension *> dimensions
- Protected Attributes inherited from openjaus::model::fields::Field
std::string name

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

§ JointMotionProfileList()

openjaus::manipulator::JointMotionProfileList::JointMotionProfileList ( )

§ ~JointMotionProfileList()

openjaus::manipulator::JointMotionProfileList::~JointMotionProfileList ( )

Member Function Documentation

§ add()

void openjaus::manipulator::JointMotionProfileList::add ( JointTypeVariant  value)

§ clear()

void openjaus::manipulator::JointMotionProfileList::clear ( )

§ copy()

void openjaus::manipulator::JointMotionProfileList::copy ( JointMotionProfileList source)

§ empty()

bool openjaus::manipulator::JointMotionProfileList::empty ( )

§ from()

int openjaus::manipulator::JointMotionProfileList::from ( system::Buffer src)

Reimplemented from openjaus::model::fields::Array.

§ get()

JointTypeVariant & openjaus::manipulator::JointMotionProfileList::get ( std::size_t  index)

§ getJointType()

std::vector< JointTypeVariant > & openjaus::manipulator::JointMotionProfileList::getJointType ( )

§ length()

int openjaus::manipulator::JointMotionProfileList::length ( )

Reimplemented from openjaus::model::fields::Array.

§ remove()

void openjaus::manipulator::JointMotionProfileList::remove ( int  index)

§ set()

bool openjaus::manipulator::JointMotionProfileList::set ( std::size_t  index,
JointTypeVariant  value 

§ size()

std::size_t openjaus::manipulator::JointMotionProfileList::size ( )

§ to()

int openjaus::manipulator::JointMotionProfileList::to ( system::Buffer dst)

Reimplemented from openjaus::model::fields::Array.

§ toXml()

std::string openjaus::manipulator::JointMotionProfileList::toXml ( unsigned char  ojIndentLevel = 0) const

Member Data Documentation

§ jointType

std::vector<JointTypeVariant> openjaus::manipulator::JointMotionProfileList::jointType

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