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Version: 1.1
ID: urn:jaus:jss:iop:PathReporter
Inherits From:
extended byurn:jaus:jss:core:Events v1.1
extended byurn:jaus:jss:core:Transport v1.0

The Path Reporter Service provides a mechanism for reporting the past and/or future expected path of the vehicle. The service is used in cooperation with Global Waypoint Driver, Local Waypoint Driver, Global Waypoint List Driver, Local Waypoint List Driver, Global Pose Sensor and/or Local Pose Sensor. Clients may limit the amount of data reported by the service by specifying a maximum number of data points, maximum time, maximum distance, and/or path resolution, within the limits of the implementationís reported capabilities. Note that the historical path is assumed to be represented by a FIFO queue; as a result, the Report Path message may be limited by the storage capabilities of the underlying implementation to reporting only the most recent data, e.g. the points nearest the current position. Older data may be discarded as needed by the implementation. Such limits should be specified in the ReportPathReporterCapabilities message. Also note that the future path may be valid only at that instance in time. It represents the current planned path, at the given resolution. However, some waypoint drivers may frequently update the planned path, based on new information about the environment. As a result, planned path information may quickly become stale. Furthermore, the planned path represents the actual path the vehicle expects to follow. It does not replace the Waypoint Driverís Query Waypoint messages. Rather, it provides additional information about how the vehicle plans to achieve the desired waypoints.

Internal Event Set

Message Set
Message ID Name
DEF1h QueryPath
DEF0h QueryPathReporterCapabilities
DEF3h ReportPath
DEF2h ReportPathReporterCapabilities

State Machine Diagram

PathReporter State Machine Diagram
State Transitions
Label Transition Trigger Conditional Actions
A PathReporterDefaultLoop QueryPathReporterCapabilities sendReportPathReporterCapabilities
QueryPath sendReportPath

Action Name Type Description
sendReportPath Send Action Send a ReportPath message
Output Message: ReportPath
sendReportPathReporterCapabilities Send Action Send a PathReporterCapabilities message
Output Message: ReportPathReporterCapabilities

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