OpenJAUS is the
proven JAUS Solution

Combining over two decades of experience in designing, developing, testing and validating JAUS-based software solutions, OpenJAUS brings that expertise to your project.




Brings new meaning to "out of the box"

OpenJAUS is designed for software developers that want to use JAUS without needing to know the low-level details of the standard itself. With OpenJAUS, you have direct access to the C++ library source code, so you can see and control what is running on your system.


JumpStart Kit

Get the Jump on your JAUS Solution

Why spend months learning the SAE JAUS and other program-specific documentation? Our in-house engineers take that knowledge and your specific requirements to build a custom solution for you. This allows your company’s engineers and developers to focus on what they know best: your hardware and software.


OpenJAUS Ops

Get the JAUS experts on your side

OpenJAUS has over 20 years of combined experience developing JAUS systems and including general development of unmanned vehicles and robots. This experience comes from the completion of many projects and challenges in our field. Take advantage of our experience by bringing it right to your location. We offer a variety of training materials that can be tailored to your specific needs and interests.



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