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OpenJAUS has over 20 years of combined experience developing JAUS systems and including general development of unmanned vehicles and robots. This experience comes from the completion of many projects and challenges in our field. Take advantage of our experience by bringing it right to your location. We offer a variety of training materials that can be tailored to your specific needs and interests.

JAUS and OpenJAUS SDK Training

The SAE JAUS standards provide an excellent base on which to design and develop your unmanned systems, but learning the standards can be a difficult task, and implementing them is even more challenging. We can teach you what you need to know to use JAUS.

  • Get an introduction to each of the SAE JAUS standards
  • Help determine whether you should use JAUS in your products
  • Ask questions directly to JAUS experts
  • Learn what tools are available for JAUS and what they do for you
  • Get discounts on puchases of OpenJAUS products
  • Learn details about the OpenJAUS SDK design
  • Learn from live tutorials how to integrate various technologies with OpenJAUS
  • Get on-site support for your particular JAUS application
Autonomous and Robotics Systems Development

Our experience spans the development of many unmanned vehicles and robotic systems. We have development experience with UAV, UGV and manipulator platforms. Additionally, our experience covers the complete range of subsystems on such platforms, with a strong focus on system design, software and systems integration. Whether you need JAUS or not, consider using our expertise to help you accelerate your progress. Here is a short list of things we might be able to help with.

  • Robotic or unmanned vehicle system design & analysis
  • Software architecture design
  • Design examples and case studies of our projects
  • Safety considerations for unmanned vehicles
  • Low-level motion control systems
  • Platform or manipulator motion planning
  • Perception ( broad experience with many algorithms, sensors, and environments )
  • World modeling
  • Operator control user interfaces

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