OpenJAUS Service Studio (OJSS)

OpenJAUS Service Studio (OJSS) is a set of plugins for the Eclipse software development platform which let you quickly deploy customized JAUS-based software for your Unmanned Systems. OJSS provides you with two unique capabilities:

Build Your Own JAUS Services

Unmanned systems each have their own needs. The current JAUS standards probably cannot communicate all of the information that your system requires. In that case you need a way to make your own JAUS messages and services. Doing this from scratch can be time consuming and hard to integrate into an existing framework. OJSS allows you to easily and quickly model custom JAUS services and messages in the most intuative way, from the top-down. All fields and features of standard JAUS are included. The OpenJAUS team has spent significant time simplifying and tightening the underlying JAUS model which makes it easier to understand. OJSS can instantly generate the code you need.

OpenJAUS Service Studio (OJSS) Features:
  • OJSS enables you to graphically model custom JAUS services and message sets from the top-down.
  • OJSS allows you to generate JAUS code for hundreds of messages in your own format, style or even language.
Use Your Own Software

Every great software developer knows that completely understanding the code is key to successful development. If you are required to use JAUS, the best solution is one that you understand. That is why your own code works best for you. With OpenJAUS Service Studio (OJSS) you can now have your own JAUS software without needing to write it from scratch.

OJSS generates code based on models of JAUS messages and services. All you need to do is write templates that convert the models into code text. This allows you to have JAUS code that is formatted to your needs, style, and in any language you like. OJSS can be used to generate JAUS message code in ANSI C, C#, JAVA, PYTHON, or any other text language. Once the templates are written you can generate code for hundreds of JAUS messages within seconds, saving you countless hours of do-it-yourself time. OJSS comes with a set of reference templates that generate C++ code. This is the very same code that is used in the OpenJAUS SDK. If you use C++ you can tailor these templates to your needs or style, or if you need code in a different language, you can use these templates as a reference for creating ones in your language.

Get Started with OpenJAUS Service Studio Today!

OpenJAUS Service Studio can save you time and effort today. Built on the proven foundation of the Eclipse Modeling Framework and leveraging the Acceleo Code Generation engine, OJSS is a proven solution for today’s dynamic software engineering environment.

Here is what you get with OJSS:

  1. Eclipse JAUS model editor plugins – allow you to create and edit JAUS message and service model files.
  2. Standard JAUS service and message models – we give you our model files for the JAUS Core, Mobility, Environment Sensing, and Manipulator Service Set Standards. Additional standard service set models will be provided to you free of charge as they become available.
  3. Acceleo OJSS model to C++ templates – provide you with a reference starting point for creating your own templates, or can be used with the OpenJAUS SDK to add your own custom services and messages.
  4. JSIDL to OpenJAUS model converter – enables you to import standard JAUS Service Definition Language (JSIDL) XML files into OJSS.
  5. Direct support – provides you with the direct email or phone assistance you need to make OJSS work for you.
  1. Getting Started with OpenJAUS Service Studio: This document walks the user through setting up OJSS on their machine including installing Eclipse, required plugins and the OJSS plugins from our Eclipse Update Site.
  2. Creating a Sensor Service with OpenJAUS Service Studio: This document walks the user designing a JAUS Service based on monitoring a Gasoline Fuel Tank using OJSS including modeling the messages and state machines, generating C++ code and compiling that code into a library.

OpenJAUS is dedicated to providing our customers with the most cost-effective JAUS solutions available. Built on of over 2 decades of JAUS experience and countless programs, the OpenJAUS SDK consists of over 100K lines of well designed C++ code. Contact us today to get the latest pricing information for your organization and see how OpenJAUS can help you!

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