The Advanced EOD Robotic System (AEODRS)

AEODRS Compliant Software and Support

Using OpenJAUS, your team can build AEODRS compliant software quicker and more accurately. OpenJAUS offers the following software and services for AEODRS customers:
  • The OpenJAUS SDK with custom libraries to provide compliance with AEODRS-specific experimental services and messages.
  • OpenJAUS “skeleton” applications which consist of a skeleton implementation of any AEODRS Capability Module. Take the skeleton, add your application-specific code and finish ahead of schedule and under budget!
  • Full software implementations of AEODRS Capability Modules, built to your requirements & specific hardware platform. Our team can build a custom solution for your company from the ground-up and save you time and money.

OpenJAUS stands behind our software and Guarantees that any OpenJAUS-based Capability Module is compliant with the AEODRS architecture.

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AEODRS Architecture Training

OpenJAUS is the leader in providing hands-on training and support for AEODRS developers. With over 20 years of robotics and JAUS experience, the our will train your developers, program managers and engineers on the AEODRS family of robots. From lessons learned in supporting the AEODRS Increment 1 EDM project to navigating the AEODRS documentation, our experts can accelerate your team’s ability to develop and build AEODRS complaint software and hardware. Topics covered include:

  • General JAUS Architecture
  • JAUS Messaging and Services
  • AEODRS Common Architecture
  • AEODRS Specific Services, Messages and Changes
  • AEODRS Lessons Learned
  • AEODRS Test Bed Setup & Execution
The AEODRS Test Bed

The AEODRS program has developed a modular architecture based on JAUS. To verify compliance with that architecture, a AEODRS test bed has been developed which combines hardware and software to test functionality and compliance with the AEODRS Common Architecture.

OpenJAUS has extensive experience with the test bed software. From testing Capability Modules for compliance, developing and debugging XML test scripts to training engineers and developers, OpenJAUS can help your team understand and use the AEODRS test bed.

OpenJAUS will come to your facility, setup the test bed and teach your team how to use it to meet your individual needs.

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