JumpStart Kit

The Fastest JAUS Development Solution

Leverage the power and expertise of our JAUS experts for your needs using the OpenJAUS JumpStart Kit.

Why spend months learning JAUS, AEODRS, IOP or other program-specific documentation? Our in-house engineers take that knowledge and your specific requirements to build a custom solution for you. This allows your company’s engineers and developers to focus on what they know best: your hardware and software. OpenJAUS’ JumpStart Kit ensures your solution is compliant with the latest industry trends and best practices and includes documentation, support and testing / validation. Using the OpenJAUS JumpStart Kit, customers typically field a working JAUS solution in weeks instead of months of development time, saving your company thousands in development costs.

Start From Scratch
12 Months
Competitor's Toolkit
8 Months
4 Months
OpenJAUS JumpStart Kit
1 Month

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