Create a test program

OpenJAUS Tips and Tricks

Q: I’m currently trying to make a test program that tries to communicate with a test client (mimicking the Gpos and Gpos client). I’m a little confused as to how the Gpos and Client ëconnectí to each other.

A: In terms of connecting, the Discovery Service in JAUS handles the discovery of other JAUS entities at start up. Using the default configuration file values (the default config file will be generated automatically for you), then the JAUS address for an entity is assigned at run-time using the OpenJAUS Configuration service. This is not part of the standard JAUS service set, but an experimental solution we provide to make JAUS ID assignment easier for new users. When you have your server and client up and running they should automatically detect each other and “discover” each other. In the Gpos and GposClient demos you can see how we use the “t” case in our switch to print the SystemTree (a tree of all JAUS entities) to the screen for debugging.