OPENJAUS Releases SDK 2023.0

Nicholas Johnson News

OpenJAUS is proud to announce the release of OpenJAUS SDK v2023.0!

With our 2019-06 release, we started releasing all of our JAUS implementation packages at the same time as a validated distribution and moved to a naming scheme based on the release date (YYYY-MM) of the distribution instead of specific version numbers.

With this release, we make two changes to the way that we release the OpenJAUS SDK.

First, we have replaced the use of the release month from the SDK version to a release number which starts at zero (0) and increases by one (1) for every release within a year. We found that knowing the release month wasn’t very useful and could lead to issues if there were two (2) releases ever occurred within the same month. This new versioning scheme removes that issue.

Second, we now bundle the SDK as a single download. In previous releases, you had to download each JAUS implementation package separately based on the services you needed. As we look at adding new SAE documents and IOP versions, we saw that this could become a huge burden. As such, we will now package the OpenJAUS SDK as a single download which contains all the relevant JAUS implementation packages. This will greatly simplify both the download and installation processes.

As part of bundling the SDK into a single download, we provide SAE-only and IOP included bundles as completely separate downloads. Previously if you needed IOP support you would download the add-on IOP packages separately. Now, you just download the IOP SDK bundle and get everything you need!

The 2023.0 release also marks our first release that does not support our AEODRS libraries. Going forward AEODRS support will not be actively maintained. If you need help with AEODRS related services, please contact us directly.

Finally, the documentation for the OpenJAUS SDK is moving to This move will help us to better provide version-based documentation so that you can be sure you’re always looking at the correct documentation for your version of the SDK.

The full list of changes and improvements in the OpenJAUS SDK 2023.0 can also be found there.

This latest release continues our commitment to providing access to all the features you need to be SAE JAUS, and/or IOP compliant. The OpenJAUS SDK continues to be the only commercially available implementation of the SAE JAUS standard and the IOP extensions. OpenJAUS is constantly working to improve our products to meet the needs of our customers. 

If you are a customer with a current OpenJAUS license, you can get access updated packages at the OpenJAUS Client Portal. If you are not a customer, request a quote today to find out more.