OpenJAUS Releases SDK 2020-07

Danny Kent (OJ) News

OpenJAUS is proud to announce the release of the 2020-07 distribution of our software development kit (SDK)!

Starting with our 2019-06 release, OpenJAUS releases all of our JAUS implementation packages at the same time as a validated distribution and move to a naming scheme based on the release date of the distribution instead of specific version numbers.

The term ‘OpenJAUS SDK’ is used as a blanket term to refer to all of our JAUS implementation libraries (SAE JAUS, IOP, AEODRS, etc) and represents our commitment to supporting all programs of record and ensuring that packages continue to work together as our customers expect.

This latest release provides access to all the features you need to be SAE JAUS, IOP, and/or AEODRS compliant. There are also several bug fixes and updates to reduce the time developers spend on JAUS specific details and can instead focus on implementing cutting edge capabilities. A few highlights include:


  • Feature: Restart discovery process if the discovery server it registered with disappears
  • Feature: Added CommandEvent support

IOP v3

  • Bug Fix: Fixed scaled integer bugs in Communicator service
  • Feature: Removed dependency on org.openjaus.ext.cpp library

The OpenJAUS SDK continues to be the only commercially available implementation of the JAUS standard and OpenJAUS is constantly working to improve our products to meet the needs of our customers. If you are a customer with a current OpenJAUS license, you can get access updated packages at the OpenJAUS Client Portal. If you are not a customer, request a quote today to find out more. Check out the OpenJAUS SDK webpage for a full list of changes and improvements in OpenJAUS SDK 2020-07.