OpenJAUS Releases SDK v5.0.0

Danny Kent (OJ) News

OpenJAUS is proud to announce the release of our latest software development kit, OpenJAUS v5.0.0! 

JAUS has established itself as a key technology in the US Army & US Navy’s Unmanned Ground Vehicle programs of record. In conjunction with the RAS-G Interoperability Profiles standard, JAUS based systems have seen significant opportunity over the past several years.

OpenJAUS’ SDK is the only commercially available implementation of the JAUS standard. As such, OpenJAUS is constantly working to improve our products to meet the needs of our customers and their programs as well. Today OpenJAUS is announcing the immediate release of a significant upgrade to our product, OpenJAUS SDK v5.0.0.

This latest release gives you all of the features you need to be SAE JAUS and IOPv2 standards compliant. With this release OpenJAUS has made significant changes to its product to address issues identified by its users and improve the quality of life for developers. Highlights of the new features include:

If you are a customer with a current OpenJAUS license, you can get the update now at the OpenJAUS Client Portal. If you are not a customer, request a quote today to find out more. Check out the OpenJAUS SDK webpage for a full list of changes and improvements in OpenJAUS v5.0.0.